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v0.9.5 major updates:

- Photo improvements (filters + alt tags)
- Admin dashboard updates
- User settings updates
- Video support + Loops updates
- Discover updates
- Bulk manage followers/following
- Contact form/page
- CW Comments
- Admin Custom Page Editor
- Admin Configuration Editor
- Performance improvements
- Remote Following
- Remote posts (search, like, share, comment, report)

and more! #pixelfed

Not sure about how to take issue in consideration. Not happy about censorship, not happy about Nazi's using it neither. supposed to not permit any restriction on how software may be used. But can a tool be free if it's used to harass and reduce freedom on others?

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People who stop using @fedilab in favor of @Tusky because it can be used by "nazis", do you know Firefox can be use by them too? Or Ubuntu? Or anything else? 😱

This is becoming ridiculous.

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but this isn’t about that kind of privacy. that’s just a bug, one of many in a very buggy protocol.

it’s about censorship resistance.

it’s about being able to pick up on a new instance with your old friends still following you, as if nothing happened, because nothing actually happened, all your shit was backed up to other instances.

it’s about storing content in a multicast sharded, content-addressed DHT, so you don’t lose your data when Wasabi goes down.

it’s about federating fast.

it’s about real access control and instanceless groups.

it’s about having instanceless actors (like nomadic identity but addressed by cryptographic identity).

it’s about having all of these things as core parts of the protocol that have an absolute pass or fail conformance suite

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Are you still unsure about how to find cool people to follow on Mastodon/in the fediverse?

Fear no more! You can both look at lists of people, AND add yourself to lists through @trunk

Enjoy! #Trunk #Mastodon

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Basque, Catalan, German, and Greek translations are now at 100% complete (but still need proofreading!)

Corsican, Czech, Dutch, French, Galician, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Welsh are very close to being complete

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Public Request for Instance Admins:

Have a "if I get run over by a bus" plan. It can be a 2nd admin, or even a 3rd.

Just make sure there's more than 1 single point of failure.

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Sign up on #Mastodon with #Fedilab will be in the next release 🎉

People will be able to pick up an instance thanks to the API of (and thank you to @Gargron who allowed me to use it)

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Deberíamos abrir el "Profile Directory" como en ? Qué usuarios se listan es decisión de los propios usuarios a través de las Preferencias de su Perfil. No lo veo útil ni necesario pero si en hay consenso, lo abrimos

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is riseup primarily providing services to leftists? yes, but that's not so clear cut either: a lot of people involved in indymedia were not leftists, but instead centrist libertarians, but they benefited from riseup's infrastructure too.

the point is that riseup provides infrastructure for groups that are trying to organize and do social good. they are basically the US equivalent of framasoft, not "Antifa Hosting LLC"
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