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@corbin I had this idea some time ago. A site where you can review/rate/critic just about any URL possible. Your idea sounds much more easier to implement lol

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I'm working on a browser extension that shows discussions about the page you have open across multiple social networks. Still very early in development.

This could be useful for a lot of things, but the main focus is for content creators and other people who publish stuff online. Like, if I'm a YouTuber and I want to see what people are saying about my video outside of YT's own comments, it would only take a few clicks.

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No one tell her. Don't you dare

Password safety standards 

Turns out, more restrict password validators often result in worse passwords.

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Password safety standards 

Spent a good hour searching for good practices and international standards on password validation. Found out that there is none. Apparently the "good practice" is just to add a entropy meter and call it a day. you're officially in the danger group my man

I've been thinking about dropping out of university.
Studying by yourself, at you own time, cheaper, and getting certified(eg. by RedHat) seems like a much better idea

If you're not looking like a sick ass karate hobo by the end of this "almost apocalyptic thing" crisis, you're not getting the best of it...


Libertalia fue una colonia legendaria forjada por piratas.
Creada y gestionada de forma libre.

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Libertalia was a legendary colony forged by pirates.
It was founded and ruled freely.