I finally purchased something from after setting up their software many times and browsing non stop. I purchased a simple SATA cable, I believe from China. Let’s see how well this process works!


I am not sure why I haven’t purchased anything previously. Maybe it was because of the high fees that Bitcoin has. It now supports Bcash, Zcash and Litecoin now. I used Litecoin. I think if I used Bcash, crypto twitter might find out and I’ll be forced to leave the platform due to harassment!

It may have also been my reluctance to trust the shops on the network. I used the Haven app. This makes the whole process seem much cleaner which may have subconsciously convinced me that it is more trustworthy now.

Mostrar hilván

I basically never have to pay more than a few cents in fees in Bitcoin ... everyone seems to have gotten stuck on late 2017, it hasn't been like that for years.
For sure I wouldn't use it for very small payments, generally. We have LN and I even buy groceries via that, but somehow people think it doesn't exist/work.

Feel free to go with other coins but this idea that Bitcoin "is too slow" "is too expensive" "doesn't innovate" is just lazy and wrong.

@rumblestillskin Another piece of extreme laziness that just spreads is "oh bitcoin is 1MB", but the block size increased by around 100% in late 2017 (took a while for segwit to get adopted but it's like 50% or more adopted now).
It isn't about good or bad it's about people just choosing to believe a lie because they can't be bothered to check the facts. Segwit's blocksize compromise was huge.
It doesn't matter how many times I explain it, people always just go back to "it's 1MB".

@rumblestillskin Here's a simple visualization of the real-time reality (there are many others):


Notice how the blocks cluster around 1.2-1.3MB; they often spike to 1.7-2.3MB when people dump a large number of txs at once.

Notice the red color basically means most txs are sub 10 sats/b; taking 5 sat/b ave, a typical 250b tx is like 1250 sats or 12 cents.
Will it stay like this forever? I doubt it! That's why we have a very active and working Lightning Network.

@waxwing I am a huge fan of Bitcoin. In this case Litecoin had a lower fee than Bitcoin.

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