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Remember that even when you trust a company to not share your information, if they can access it, that means they can be compelled to give it up. Dangerous times we love in and majority of folks don't even realize it.

If every user on ActivityPub had a private key and signed all of their toots then the network could also be spread by a gossip protocol similar to what Secure Scuttlebutt does.

It is crazy how the general public love military victories even when the enemies and locations do not matter to their own lives. This in regards to the video released of the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

My book, Parenting without God, second edition comes out Friday!

You can grab it here:

or anywhere books are sold!

What is the best way to present an industry specific API specification that might encourage collaboration on a standard for this specific industry? Is Githib or Gitlab a good way to present this specification?

I feel political parties are no longer as needed in representative democracies as they used to be in the past. In our current world we have access to a large amount of information about our elections. Political parties create tribalism that is not necessary in electing a local representative.

Listen to an audiobook. has free, public domain books recorded by volunteers.

Simple poll to know what theme for an app you will use or want to use.

Boosts are welcome.

Anybody with experience looking for a project to contribute to? I am sure @LemmyDev would appreciate the help.

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These Deep Fakes are getting alarmingly good. This one is just for fun, but I worry about the time they're being used for more nefarious purposes.

"A Deeper Look Into The Life of An Impressionist - Youtube"

I am not an American, but why can't universal healthcare be provided at the state level without needing it at the federal level?

One of the reasons I am a supporter of cryptocurrency is that if it reaches a critical mass it will take some power away from those governments who constantly go to war simply for power and financial gain.

What a great apology from Trey Parker and Matt Stone to China about their South Park episode "Band in China".

In response to the President Trump (USA)'s executive order blocking all commercial and non-commercial property transactions with Venezuela, Adobe has begun cancelling accounts belonging to Venezuelans.

Regardless of this being a continued embargo, this is a lesson to be learned to never trust software which makes it obligatory to register an account in order to use the features of that software.


My Bitcoin Lightning Network payments keep failing this morning! This rarely happens, but shows just how much it is not ready for prime time yet. Still in beta for sure.

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Libertalia fue una colonia legendaria forjada por piratas.
Creada y gestionada de forma libre.

Puedes consultar nuestros acuerdos de convivencia aquí

Libertalia was a legendary colony forged by pirates.
It was founded and ruled freely.