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Trying to reduce economic inequality by increasing political inequality, which is essentially what Marxism is all about, has cost the lives of millions of innocent people under Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and others.


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Eres nuevx por el Fediverse? 脡chale una lectura al art铆culo de @fanta para conocer un poco m谩s el

Not sure what she tried to say :0010: , but doesn't help her or people who work as bartender.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says some members of Congress are 'not smarter than a bartender'

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Al estado chileno no le falta plata, es que la derrochan o directamente se la meten al bolsillo.

Una nueva constituci贸n s贸lo le dar谩 m谩s poder al gobierno. El estatismo es c谩ncer. El socialismo es miseria con bonitos discursos.

#menosEstado #m谩sLibertad

Finally made RK3328-CC to compile fully with Kernel 5.5 only using vanilla Linux...

Still missing USB-C and only one USB2.0 working, but I read it could be done modifying a bit DST files to support DWC3.

Let's see if I can make just a patch file for that instead modifying source files.

If someone requires my kernel config file, let me know.

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Otro m谩s que se une al "mi nodo no federa contigo" 馃 Me dicen Facista 驴? Lol

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Libertalia fue una colonia legendaria forjada por piratas.
Creada y gestionada de forma libre.

Puedes consultar nuestros acuerdos de convivencia aqu铆

Libertalia was a legendary colony forged by pirates.
It was founded and ruled freely.