Mastodon problem of finding people is a fact. A decentralized way to solve this question is harder than it sound.

@waltercool not sure that's a "problem" or an "advantage". You can find who you want if you know who you are looking forward, but it's true you will have less random new accounts to follow if they nobody is following them from your instance.

@capmisson @waltercool well, some people started following me but I couldn't see their posts cause this problem, it was super weird, that person was from gargron's instance.

I think it's a huge problem.

@capmisson @waltercool I think that's limiting Mastodon popularity. Finding friends or people who thinks like you is lot harder than centralized ones.

It makes sense to me of working on that way, as each federated server have different trust/privacy rules to other servers, even may don't know them, but the logic creates a disadvantage for mainstream users, used to find worldwide/local relevant topics with just a search

@waltercool true. Still this is one more reason to be in a instance more orientated to our own preferences, this way is easier to discover new users thru Federated timeline, as more people share interests. But I see your point

@waltercool I knew it happened and to me it's a huge problem.

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